Exhibit Automization

In addition to solution integration on a base platform Acrodis Museum we offer integrated solutions for the inclusion of contemporary technology in any exhibit.

Preparation and inclusion of integration and multimedia elements – for permanent and temporary exhibits as well as traveling and even mobile expositions :

  1. There are video and audio modules to immerse visitors in the material presented. There are independent elements and the opportunity for any desired configuration.
  2. Interactive modules for a full-fledged informational and entertaining interplay with the visitors, for the presentation of the highest volume of information in a constrained, spacious or temporary framework
  3. The script of an automatic and programmed presentation of multimedia components of exhibits, and also the visitors’ interplay with them is a possibility to suit different types of visitors and also to remotely control the management of the exhibits’ guides.
  4. The modules of remote control of expositions and statistical information about visitors in the framework of permanent and travelling exhibitions

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