The extension stage

Scenario and technical control of exhibits

A modern museum cannot afford being static; due to the amount of information that needs to be presented and the diversity of visitors (by age, social groups, mother tongue, etc.), the space must be flexible in presenting the material. We provide museums and exhibitions with the optionsfor complete control andmanagement of exhibits:

  • Technical control of equipment; all the data about the equipment status are available on one control panel where one can always see what needs staff attention. Remote access from mobile devicesis possible.
  • Control of presentation of audio, video, and interactive contents:

    : to be switched on and off occasionally, such as in the beginning and end of a working day, or for events

    : forsingle-point control attours

    Directly at the exhibition
    with use of hidden unitsspread acrossthe exhibition spaceScenario control: preset and adjusted scenarios of interaction of sound, light, and video to provide an effective amount of information and an emotional message. Staff can startscenarios by pressing one key orset up an automatic sequence depending on external factors orinterests of target visitor groupswho come to the exposition

    Exposition adjustment for the visitors: the interactive solutions that we have developed enable automatic selection of the best format of the presented content depending on the visitortype, namely, language,social profile, and preferences.

Preparation and creation of mobile exhibitions

  • All the services and solutions that we offer can be implemented for fixed or mobile exhibitions. That includes remote monitoring, control, and management of such exhibits and collection of all the data about its visitors and their interests by rooms and individual exhibits.
  • Remote monitoring of mobile exhibitions cuts the costs of their creation and presentation significantly while preserving complete control over the presented contents.

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