Software and online

Development of software for virtual museums (online and mobile applications)

The Acrodis company has ready software solutions for any possible objectives of museums including the following:

  • virtual online portals of museums and exhibitions and interactive data terminals
  • mobile applicationsfor visitors and staff(with extended data access) and audio guides
  • solutions for sale, control, and accounting of tickets (including groups, multiple visits, multiple museums, etc.)

All the solutions are made of units and use a single content space, which makes content publishing several times easier.

Integration of a single platform for museum and exhibition management, Acrodis-Museum

In addition to tools for communication with visitors, the Acrodis-Museum platform enables management of the museum’s inner procedures, namely:

  • Planning, control, and reporting of allthe events held
  • Systemicwork and distribution oftour data to staff and partners
  • Accounting andmanagement ofmuseumstock units(in vaults and exhibited)

Market and promotion of museums and exhibitions

A modern museum must know its visitors, understand their needs, and adapt without losing its ideology and presentation strategy and promote and popularize using modern information channels. We help with the following:

  • Collecting and continuous updating of the marketing image of exhibition, Web site, and mobile application visitors, what they like and how they perceive the exhibits, what they do not like and what requires careful staff attention
  • Tools to attract and keep visitors and make them a regular audience of exhibitions and events
  • Creation, development, and promotion in online socialmedia
  • Advertising control and management, promotion in search networks in various parts of the world
  • Working with a foreign audience in all global languages; contents, communicating with visitors, handling feedback

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