Creating a concept

This is the basic stage in creation or alteration of anymuseum or exhibition.

It is preceded by thorough work with the initial data or idea. In cooperation with the museum researchers, our artists, psychologists, and scenario writers will define the logic and key points of the exposition and the ideas and objectivesthat will make the foundation ofthe futuremuseum. In the development ofthe concept, allthe key components are stated and agreed, in particular:

  • Space zoning and the concept for each zone. The logic of interaction of zone themes and their development philosophy.
  • Selection and methods of presenting historical artifacts or development of art objects.
  • Scenario of museum guest movement with consideration of exhibit and artistic plansfor various visitor groups.
  • Draft sketches of the external and internal visual solution for the created museum or exhibition, artistic ideas for the main objectives of the exposition.
  • Proposals onmaterials and equipment

museum concept

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