Creating a new museum

Unique artistic and technical equipment of museums and exhibitions

ExhibitionThe central stage of exposition creation: we create exhibitions with use of the most advanced trends and techniques of museum data presentation, unique materials and technical solutions, and interactive communicationwith visitors.

Everything is being implemented in exact accordance with the approved concept, design project, and the artistic and exposition plan.

We treat the exhibition space with great care, integrating modern innovative solutions, developing graphic designs and navigation tools, video and audio contents as organically as possible.

Assembly and adjustment

Soviet eraHardly any modern exhibition or museum can do without a complicated system of communications between devices, light and sound equipment. Our specialists will do all the job of assembling the exhibition facilities, multimedia equipment, startup, and adjustment.

Show directionand staging

When doing big interactive spaces, it is often necessary to create areaswhere the viewers would be absorbed completely. In such caseswe create spaces with a comprehensive audio, visual, and tactile environment. Depending on the objective, such environment can have three or more dimensions, such as free rotation chairs, 3D videos and sounds, and temperature, air or tactile effects.


The show space can vary from a small 25 or 35 sq.m to big rooms of 200 or 300 sq.m or more where robotized animatronics and space showswith full-height puppets can be implemented.

Very often a show will break outside a closed space to open air and become a spectacular celebration.

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